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Our History

FlexAir’s background is closely aligned with that of company president Roman Mudry. Roman began his career in the printing industry running a small printing company in Chicago where he found his calling to become an engineer. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering specializing in kinematic and dynamic analysis, he continued his Master’s work in Dynamic Systems and Vibrations.

In 1991 Roman, along with his new wife, Della, settled in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he spent the next 11 years as a senior project engineer at PCMC leading several multi-million-dollar converting line projects. In this capacity, he became involved in many R&D projects in the areas of printing press design, register control systems, dryer technologies, specialty gearing and printing dynamics research. Some of these projects resulted in patents. He also earned his Master’s Degree in electrical engineering specializing in control systems.

In 2002, taking a hiatus from machine manufacturing world, Roman took a position as a technical advisor to a large narrow web printing company. He expanded their facilities, updated converting lines, developed new products, and handled other specialized projects.

In 2004 Roman joined forces with a small start-up manufacturer of compressed air drying systems, incorporating FlexAir in its original space near Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. The company soon evolved C-Class technology into specialized solutions for multi-national customers and standard solutions for global OEMs.

Becoming the sole owner in 2008, Roman developed the B-Class systems technologies introduced in 2013, and then the revolutionary A-Class technology in 2015.

Roman’s vision for FlexAir is that of an altruistic company helping manufacturers minimize their energy usage while advancing the industry. Roman’s passion for engineering continues through FlexAir’s support of high school and college students pursuing degrees in engineering and sciences by providing internships and work experience. Roman and Della are active in youth leadership programs and FlexAir serves as a “mentor” for groups such as robotics leagues, Boy Scouts of America and YMCA camps.

This vision will continue as FlexAir continues to operate from their headquarters in Howard, Wisconsin, located just north of Green Bay, at the boundary of Wisconsin’s beautiful north woods. FlexAir’s ongoing mission is to continue developing high performance dryer technology, including new applications and wide web solutions for customers around the world.