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Low Profile Dryers

Narrow web inline printing presses integrate multiple independent print decks sequentially. The inline printing press can have any number of print decks. The inline press is historically configured to minimize the length of web from deck to deck for economical consideration (wasting web) and for improved color-to-color register control. The compact press has left little space for dryers or for dryer maintenance.

The inline press established itself in the paper label industry where ink drying was assisted by the absorbency of the paper label. With introduction of non-absorbent coated or film label materials drying of evaporative inks proved more challenging. With increased press speeds, and integration of UV curing lights or other devices, the available dwell time for drying is squeezed to its limit.

FlexAir’s Low Profile (LP) dryers must dry adequately for the print to resist idler roll picking. Although inks may resist picking, the drying may prove incomplete resulting with the print blocking-in-the-roll. In these instances, a tunnel dryer can reduce the risk or avoid this catastrophic mode of drying failure.

LP dryers are designed to fit inside the available space. LP dryer lengths can be configured to use all the available web path length which can be significantly different between press manufacturers or press models.

Low Profile (LP) Dryers: Key Design Features

  • Exclusive to C-Class technology – FlexAir’s most effective drying technology.
  • Straight web path through dryer
  • Single or multiple Air Bars mechanically and electrically interconnected.
  • Single Electrical Power Connection
  • Single Pneumatic Air Supply Connection
  • Remote Temperature and Pressure Control.