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Tower Dryers

Tower Dryers are configured for a variety of printing technologies from flexography, gravure, silk screen ink jet or other. Tower Dryers are dedicated to a single print or coating applicator with the goal of robust drying before applying an overlaying print or coating, or before other downstream converting process including: rewinding, die-cutting, slitting or other.

Tower Dryers differ from Extended Dryers primarily in their shape. The drying objective can vary greatly between different applications, including:

  • Drying of Heavy Opaque Whites or Black
  • Drying of Adhesives, Cohesives or Varnishes
  • Enhanced Curing
  • Ink Pinning
  • Residual Solvent Reduction
  • Given the nature of the process, balancing critical consideration of web materials, ink chemistries, specific printing technology, unique web paths, etc., tower dryers are commonly custom designed to your converting application.

Tower Dryers: Key Design Features

  • Multi-zone temperature and pressure control
  • Reconfigurable Air Bar or Nozzle designs
  • Managing complex web path requirements